Cadillac and Simon Spurr

Simon Spurr

20 Jan Cadillac and Simon Spurr

An Evening with Cadillac and Simon Spurr

Cadillac and menswear designer, Simon Spurr, recently hosted their second installment of the “An Evening with Cadillac and Simon Spurr” dinner series, focusing on the exploration of the brand challenge in designing for different luxury customers – comparing and contrasting men’s fashion and car design.
Over the course of the evening, attendees were encouraged to reflect on the past, explore Cadillac’s heritage with respect to design, and discuss the transition of design to the present day.
Bridging the gap between the automotive and high-end fashion worlds, Cadillac and Simon Spurr discussed the design trends of the 1960’s, what’s popular today and what we can expect in the future as design and innovation continues to evolve.