Kurt Yaeger

Kurt Yaeger wants to live in a world where he’s an accomplished adventurer, known for traversing great distances with no use of a GPS or modern computer aids.


As an actor, he generally believes his own lies. He’s a pretty humble guy and according to Kurt, he’s the most humble person he knows.


When he’s not lying to himself or getting lost, he spends time with his cat Jammy, rides BMX bikes (pretty well for a one legger) and enjoys learning each day how much more he doesn’t know.


Interact with Kurt at your own peril on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram links below.


Jon Beck

Jon Beck has traveled around the world, taking photos of just about everything. His most challenging adventure has been traveling with Kurt.


Jon is a perpetual optimist, always encouraging Huy to be more patient with Kurt so they can continue on their travels together, and hopefully get a network deal on a show, preferable with Kurt in a non-producing role.


Seriously, Jon Beck is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet!


Huy Doan

Huy Doan is an accomplished fashion photographer and avid bicyclist who, for reasons he keeps to himself, has worked with Kurt on several projects.

He looks forward to exploring the rest of California with Kurt and Jon, knowing full well the adventures won’t go to plan.

He’s from Chicago, but we won’t hold that against him.



Jush Allen

Jush is a theatrical and commercial actor, a professional BMX rider, a professional rock musician, and an all around nice guy.


Katie Oliver

Katie studied Theater and costume design. In 2010 she started acting in film, and in 2013 she won a Best Actress award for her lead role in the short film “Downriver’ from the Blue Water Film Festival.


Violet Smith

I grew up on the stage, performing my first live dance recital at the age of four. I’ve been acting in stage plays for as long as I can remember.